Bandera / Medina / Uvalde

Written By: Greg Forest

Timeline of Bandera Country

  • 8000 b.c. Early native American inhabitants include Comanche and Lipan Apache.
  • 1841 (exact date uncertain) – Battle of Bandera Pass, John Coffee Hays and a troup of Texas Rangers defeat a large party of Comanches at Bandera Pass.
  • 1853 John James and Charles S. DeMontel survey and plat the town of Bandera. A. M. Milstead, Thomas Odem, P. D. Saner, and their families camp along the river and begin making cypress shingles. James, Montel and Company build a horse-powered sawmill and open a store.
  • 1855 Sixteen Polish families arrive in Bandera to work in James and DeMontel’s sawmill. August Klappenbach opens the first store and post office.
  • 1856 The legislature marks off Bandera County from portions of Bexar County, and the county is formally organized.
  • 1860 Population 399, including 12 slaves.
  • 1880 Sheep and Angora goats become more profitable for Bandera than farming.
  • 1920 Cora and Ed Buck began taking boarders at their ranch, beginning the tourist trade in Bandera.
  • 1933 Frontier Times Museum opens to the public.
  • 1979 Lost Maples State Natural Area opens to the public.
  • 1982 Eight-two percent of the land in the county is in farms and ranches.
  • 1984 Hill Country State Natural Area opens to the public.
  • 2000 The Nature Conservancy purchases 1,400 acres (5.7 km2) of Love Creek Ranch from Baxter and Carol Adams, creating the Love Creek Preserve.

Uvalde, Texas

Uvalde is a city in and the county seat of Uvalde CountyTexasUnited States. The population was 15,751 at the 2010 census.

Uvalde was founded by Reading Wood Black in 1853 as the town of Encina. In 1856, when the county was organized, the town was renamed Uvalde after Spanish governor Juan de Ugalde and was chosen as county seat. It is usually considered the southern limit of the Texas Hill Country or the most northerly part ofSouth Texas. The town has the only known bottler of cactus juice. Historically, Uvalde is known as the Honey Capital of the World for production of Huajillo (also spelled Guajillo) Honey, a mild light colored honey, dating back to the 1870s.

Uvalde was the home of John Nance “Cactus Jack” Garner, former Speaker of the Houseand Vice President of the United States. Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey, actress Dale Evans, former Governor of Texas Dolph Briscoe (after whom the post office is named), were born in Uvalde. The city is also home to the Grammy Award-winningTejano/Norteño group Los Palominos.


Courtesy of Wikipedia